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Muskegon Cosmopolitan Male Singers

The Muskegon Cosmopolitan Male Singers (Cosmops) are a male chorus based in Muskegon Michigan. 

They currently have 28 members on their roster with 22-24 members per performance. 

Their new director this year in Joshua Ledemsa.  Their accompanist is Allis McDonald.

The Cosmops now have a well balanced crew consisting of at lest 6 voices or more of each vocal part. 

New members are welcome to join Cosmops at any time during the year.  Their normal yearly schedule is two concerts.  These concerts take place the first Tuesday of December and the second Tuesday of May. 

Rehearsals are Monday nights at Muskegon First Baptist Church on Quarterline.  New members are encouraged to contact Bob Brock- Cosmops Recruiter at any time at this phone number: 1-616-822-7587. In addition to our traditional concerts, the Cosmops are available for special engagements in the Muskegon and surrounding communities.  Entertaining Muskegon audiences since 1933.

Winter ConcertTheir next concert will be performed at Central Methodist Church, 1011 Second Ave., Muskegon, MI on Tuesday, December 7th, 2010. Click here to download the poster.  

Songs will include:

Prayer of Thanksgiving- traditional opening
Lambscapes- Four Historical Settings of Mary and Her Little Lamb
Ave Maria- with GVSU Men's Trio
There is No Rose
The Sea is Now Calling- depicts the rolling motion of the sea
At The River- Rendition by Aaron Copland
The Beggar's Song- expressive example of a beggars daily life
Workin' On The Railroad- with a little bit of spunk
Jingle Bells, Merry Christmas to ALL
Trimming The Tree- Christmas Tune
Friendship- traditional ending with all former members from audience joining us for final number

Here are some videos of COSMOPS in concert: