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Formed in 2005, The Great Lakes Male Chorus Association was originally formed as the Michigan Male Chorus Association, a member of the Associated Male Choruses of America (AMCofA). Now an independent organization, our goal is still to enjoy singing and performing music that is challenging and entertaining. We also seek to serve the communities in which we live.

Each year, one of the member choruses hosts the Big Sing. This concert features several mass numbers as well as individual numbers from each chorus.

The Association is governed by a Board made up of representatives and directors from each chorus, and officers elected at the spring meeting. The board provides administrative oversite for the association, and selects mass chorus numbers for each Annual Sing.

The association sponsors competitive scholarships that are available to music students throughout the Great Lakes region.

The anthem for our association is "Friendship, Fellowship and Song," written by Grace A. Marra director of Men of Music.

"Friendship, Fellowship and Song"
Listen to the Combined Choruses of the GLMCA Sing the Anthem

We join together brothers all
To raise our voices and recall
Our friendship, fellowship and song,
Our friendship, fellowship and song.

In unison our hearts can bring
The harmonies our voices sing,
The harmonies our voices sing.

So join together brothers all
To raise our voices and recall
Our Friendship, Fellowship and Song
Our Frinedship, Fellowship and Song