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The Men of Music in Midland, Michigan started out in 1936 as the Dow Male Chorus rehearsing in one of the meeting rooms of Dow Chemical Company of Midland.  Over the years it has grown and progressed under the leadership of several good musicians and accompanists and during it's life became a part of the Music Society of the Midland Center for the Arts(MCFTA).  Today there are more than 60 men in the Chorus singing under the expert leadership of Grace Marra and Pianist Lauri Habedank.  Grace is active in the GLMCA and has written "Friendship, Fellowship and Song, the current GLMCA theme song.

A typical season for the Men of Music consists of a fall season centered on a free Christmas concert for the community performed at local churches. Free-will offerings at these concerts have raised over $85,000 for various charities over the years. The chorus also performs for local nursing homes and other venues, at the Midland Mall and the Dow Gardens Christmas Walk during the holiday season. During the spring season the group focuses on a show performed at the MCFTA built around a theme, which is the primary revenue source for the chorus and is usually a sellout. During the year, there are numerous other performances of the full chorus and a smaller ensemble, "The Dirty Dozen." The Men of Music performs the national anthem for the new Midland based minor league baseball team named the Great Lakes Loons, hockey games, for softball and tennis tournaments, and performs concerts for civic organizations and other groups holding meetings in the Midland area. Check out www.menofmusic.org for current information about the chorus.


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